Aug 6
50 MHz
30 July 2017 Big lightning bolt hit the ground close by at 01:15z. Some stuff is damaged. Must QRT for some days.
29 July 2017 Big opening to NA. I worked some stations and heard signals from FN10,49, FM04,16,17,19,26,27,29, EM64,73, EN90
27 July 2017 Heard 4X and NA from FM07, EN71,87, EM40, EL29,49. And some inner EU contacts made.
26 July 2017 EA8 heard strong - very quiet else
23 July 2017 Some Italy and IS0 heard - no DX
22 July 2017 HI3T was received for a longer while
21 July 2017 Some CW QSOs to OH and YL
20 July 2017 Not much on Heard KP4 and 9K
19 July 2017 Worked in FT8 mode K4PI (EM73) & K1HTV (FM18). Heard JA from PM74, North America from FM18,27 FN03, EN90, EM47,64,73,74,88,76
18 July 2017 Received some US stations in now new FT8 mode. Worked EX8M (MN62) and UK8OM (MN51) for new grids.
16 July 2017 A big Aurora where I worked 25 stations
07 July 2017 now some day with almost nothing even from inside Europe
06 July 2017 BA4SI (PM01), Some JA and VE1SKY in the evening were received.
05 July 2017 6*JA in my receiver in the morning. Three of them replied to my CQ, but were gone a minute later. Rest of day was rather quiet.
04 July 2017 LA9BM/P (JP21) via Meterscatter was new grid. In the evening while out of the house stations from NA (CM98, DM03, 04, 13, 14, 25 and 34) were received in JT65.
03 July 2017 Missed the opening to Japan

Posted by Christoph Petermann

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